Sunday, August 5, 2012

We're Home!

I gave Tiger antibiotics for three days.  Antibiotics which didn't seem to work.  His fever spiked.  He was in pain.  Finally, on Thursday morning, I gave up.  I packed up some clothes, got my kid, and ran down to the hospital.  And discovered that he didn't have cellulitis at all, but a perianal abcess and rectal fistula.
We were transported via ambulance to the children's hospital in Orlando (we were minutes ahead of President Obama's motorcade, as he happened to be in Orlando that day!) where he underwent emergency surgery to remove the blockage in his rectum.  Because his fever was so high and he was in so much, he was admitted overnight.
He spent two days in the hospital.  We came home Saturday.  I didn't go to church today; I have mounds of laundry to do, medication to administer, bills to pay, and two other children to care for.  I am exhausted, but HAPPY.  My son is going to be ok; if I had waited much longer, I'm not sure how well the prognosis would be.

Playing MarioKart on a DS that the staff gave him,, to keep him occupied during his recovery.

The staff even brought in a therapy dog!  It was a labradoodle named Sasha.

He is so weak he literally can't move forward to pet the dog.

Back at home in his awesome Spongebob jammies since he is still too sore to wear actual pants.

High on morphine.

My friend's son Andrew came to visit.

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad to read are a good mama. I've been wondering how he was doing.