Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Fall, But I Get Up Again

My sinus infection threw me for a loop.  I went back to comfort foods and gained back about 5 pounds.  Despite the set-back, I am actually glad this happened!  Why?  Because I know that low-carb really does work for me.  I didn't plan to experiment with my diet this week.  But it happened and the results opened my eyes.  I need the exercise, and I need the low carb plan.

I bought three Stay-fit salad bowls so I can pre-make my salads in advance on those days when I'm super busy, or sick, or lazy.

 My nerdiness adores this.  I'll probably go back and get three more so I'm set for a week of salads at a time.  I think mine were $7 each at WalMart.  Being prepared for meals is so important to me.  I'm a very busy person and I tend to reach for garbage when I'm hungry and don't have anything on hand.  The center green part has freezer gel inside to keep everything nice and crispy cold.  Yum!

Now all I need to figure out are hearty breakfasts that I can heat up in the mornings instead of cooking every morning.  Dinners are pretty easy, either I or Missy cook every night.  And I just skip the starch.

So I bought a new vegetable (for me) at the produce stand today.  It is this:

Butternut squash!  I've never made this before in my life.  The center looks like a pumpkin, doesn't it? 
I've seen my favorite TV Food Network cook Ina Garten roast these.  I adore roasted vegetables, so I figured, why not?

She is so fab.  I love her show!  But my goodness she's not very diabetic friendly.  That's ok, I can watch and learn and take what I need from her show, and ignore all the pastries.  Mmmm, pastries.
So there you have it! Sarah is back in action after a week of illness.  Life happens.  I fall, and then I get back up again. 


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

A great tip for a low carb substitute for mashed potatoes that I discovered during my low-carb week (in which I actually lost 3 pounds:

Mashed Cauliflower! We ate it with salisbury steak and it was excellent!

Recipe here:

Sarah R said...

Oooh, and I love the Neely's! I'll be checking that out for certain! Thanks Terry!

Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

I'm so proud OF you & inspired BY you my friend! We all fall, it's just inevitable, BUT.......what we DO in response is what matters! You are amazing & I love you bunches! : )

Kelly said...

Sarah, you have a great attitude. Instead of being discouraged about the gain, you chose to look at it as a learning experience. You Go Girl!!

That salad bowl looks cool. I eat salad most days with some feta cheese and black olives. yum. I may look for that next week at Walmart.

How did you like the butternut squash? I've never made it. I love spaghetti squash. I have a recipe for spaghetti squash boats on my recipe blog that is so very yum!

Sarah R said...

Erin: thank you my sweet friend. Believe it or not, you encourage me and keep me thinking on a daily basis and I love you for it!

Kelly: I haven't made it yet. I'll let you know. I'll probably make it on Tuesday. Mondays are Mexican for us.

mom2nji said...

I havent made butternut but I LOVE squash. One word of warning with cauliflower...GAS. I made it last week and OMGosh the farts. lol
Good for you getting going again. I need to as well.

Sarah R said...

As Missy says, "girls don't fart, we fluff." :D

Anonymous said...

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