Friday, May 11, 2012

I Say What I Mean, And I Mean What I Say

And when I say, I'm going to get a hair cut, I mean it!

Eight inches of hair...gone!

I...absolutely...LOVE...IT!!!  Despite the sour look on my face; I'm actually just befuddled by the whole "using a mirror to take my picture" art.  I guess one needs to be born after 1990 to be skilled at this.

It is soooo short in the back!  The guy who did my hair even shaved my neck which is now itching me insanely.  But look at how thick and shiny my hair is now! ~happy sigh~

The haircut is called an "inverted lob" which means it's a longer bob, with the long pieces in the front instead of the back.  Oh; this is an old WalMart dress which I bought probably 2007 or 2008.  I have it in brown, too.  I think I spent $18 on each of them.  It's a size 18/20.  It's pretty beat up and pilling but they are super comfortable and I usually wear these two dresses when I'm cleaning or something.  I always wear a tank or cami with it because it's low cut in the front.

So, my birthday is Tuesday, and I have to work because my coworker is on vacation in Hawaii for three weeks.  A total bummer, because I have taken my birthday off from work for the past 10 years.  This stems from years of always having to go to school on birthday and not being able to have a day off; with my birthday in the middle of May, it was ALWAYS during final exams and so skipping was never an option.  Anyway, I decided that since my birthday is on a Tuesday, and I can't have the day off, that I'm going to celebrate my birthday over TWO  weekends...yes, you heard me!  Tomorrow, I have a great day planned.  First, I'm going to wake up WITHOUT an alarm!  Then, I'm going to have a leisurely cup of coffee and read my Bible.  I plan to drive to Bob Evans and get a gift certificate for my mom for her Mother's Day (she and my stepdad have breakfast every Saturday at B.E.)  Then I have a few things to donate to Goodwill, and I plan to spend some time thrifting.  I have nothing really in mind to thrift except I do want to find those palazzo pants.  Then, I have to drive to Mr. R's work because...of course...they forgot to pay him AGAIN.  While I'm in that area, I wanted to stop by Avenue because I have a birthday coupon.  Again, nothing particular that I'm looking for, although I'm always looking for cute dresses and skirts.  Then drive all the way back to have Mother's Day lunch with my mom and sister.  I am going to be one tired birthday girl, that is for sure!

How to take a picture in a bathroom mirror:  Hold camera in front of you.  Make a goofy face; preferably crossing one of your eyes as you try to focus.  PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN! 

One, this is the kids bathroom, not mine.  Two, I'm not wearing my glasses, so I really couldn't see this huge smudge in the glass.  Three, my kids are too old to be licking glass, so what in the world is this smudge?  (Maybe I don't want to know.)

I was actually trying to take a picture of my earrings.  My friend Cristy insists that any older than the age of 10 should not wear anything heart shaped, pink or sparkly.  These earrings incorporate all three, so I had to take a picture.  By the way, trying to take a picture of your own ears is THE MOST DIFFICULT ENDEAVOR I'VE TAKEN ON OR THIS BLOG.

Sooo, what are you plans for the weekend?  I also hope to buy some root corrector to get rid of these grays.  Mr. R won't be home for my special day; he called me today with the weirdest request: "Don't be cheap and get yourself something nice for your birthday!"  Does that man know me well or what.  Of COURSE I'm going to be cheap.  I'm Sarah!  Pretty much everything I have planned, I have a coupon for it!  I tell you, I am one blessed lady.  I'm so grateful for birthdays!


Bobbie said...

Have a wonderful birthday!I agree that you should never have to work on your birthday, so spread the celebration out.

RJ said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah you look so beautiful with that style :)
You Go Girl :)

Sarah R said...

Thank you, Bobbie and RJ! When I was a kid, I always said I would never work on my birthday. My sister's bday is in July so of course she never had to go to school. I was sooo jealous of her! This is the first year since working at the hospital that I'm working my birthday, simply because two of us can't be out at the same time in my dept.
I woke up this morning and my hair still looks amazing...I kinda can't believe it.

Rightthinker said...

Love the haircut! My hair was almost at my waist last Summer, and I got the same cut..only just a tiny bit was a lot of fun!

My hair is incredibly thick, has a lot of body, etc., so after 5 years of long hair, I wanted a change! It was a lot of fun, and looked great upon waking, in big curls, etc.

Anyway, you look great, and glad you are enjoying it!

God Bless, and Happy Birthday, too!

Sarah R said...

Thank you, Andrea! I too had waist length hair about two years ago and donated it to Locks of Love. I also have very thick, voluminous hair which is why the pixie I tried two years ago was so unfortunate. Thank you for stopping by...have a blessed day!

Nat Low said...

Your hair looks amazing short!!! Very scary thing to do cutting your hair short. Mine didn't work out but yours looks fab!!!

Sarah R said...

Thanks, Nat. I'm also very blessed to have hair that grows super fast so even if I don't like it, will be different in 6 months anyway! I went for my walk/run this morning, and I even love it when I exercise. No heavy ponytail bouncing on my head!

K said...

I looove your hair cut! I'm due for one and I always want to cut it super short for the summer. :)

Happy (late) birthday!

Sarah R said...

Thanks, K. It's actually today; you're not late at all!