Monday, November 24, 2008


I come on here a lot, to tell you what's up with Bucket. My third child, my "oopsie" as my mom likes to say, he is the little boy who won my heart with his many needs and issues.
I haven't cried yet. Yet I feel it bubbling under the surface, waiting to appear until all the children are tucked safely in bed, and I can cry in the strong arms of my husband.
Lord, I have to know you have a plan for my Bucket. I'm not sure why Bucket's plan involves so much pain. Know that I'm scared, know that I'm upset, but know that I'm here and I'm not going anywhere.
So far, Bucket has been diagnosed with autism. Bipolar disorder. Seizures. Mental retardation. Obsessive compulsive disorder. Poor fine motor control. It's been difficult, yet we've survived.
I had a doctor appointment with Bucket's pediatrician today, to discuss the results of the lab-work. They called me, quite concerned on Thursday, wanting to see me THE VERY NEXT DAY. I was unable to get away. "Is there anything wrong?" I inquired. Oh no, we just haven't seen him in a while. How about Monday?
Knowing Monday would be difficult for me to pull off, but intrigued that they were being so pushy, I agreed. You'd think after 8 years in the health-care business, I'd know better.
The doctor examined him. He has very enlarged tonsils, and may need to have a tonsillectomy. She asked me if I needed a referral. I said, no, I already know who I'd use if Bucket needs surgery.
Then she said, have you seen the results of the blood?
"No. That's why I'm here."
Peeps, my Bucket probably has diabetes. Type 1. Even after 14 hours of fasting, his sugars were very high. We have to do another lab, one fasting, then one after eating.
Second...he has an excess amount of prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that is excreted in lactating women...hence the word, LACT, which is Latin for milk. It shouldn't be present in high levels in a 10 year old boy. Prolactin is excreted by the pituitary gland, which is a pea sized gland located in the direct center of the brain, behind the nose.
If a 10 year old boy is excreting high levels of prolactin, it usually means he has a tumor. Which means...we may possibly have to do brain surgery.
He has no idea what is happening. I sat there with my mouth hanging open, thinking I was going to show up at the pediatrician's office for them to tell me that he has high cholesterol or strep throat. They give me diabetes and tumors.
We went to Blockbuster after the pediatrician trip. He decided he needed a video game. I didn't know how to say "no."
Lord, how much can one child take?


Miriam said...

hey, take a breath... he has nothing yet. Diabetes is manageable, and if there is a tumor, he's not in any pain, so if the worst is true, hopefully you've caught it early and it's treatable. Putting things into perspective, you're going to have 4 hungry family members on Thursday waiting for turkey and 'the works'... that should be your only worry at the moment... you and yours are in our thoughts, dear friend... don't put any more gray hairs on your head until it's necessary... XO!!

Alana said...

The Diabetes can also be a side effect of the Risperdol. I know. My autistic/Schizophrenic daughter has been on it. So far her blood sugar is OK but it caused her to gain lots of weight very quickly.

Know that you are not the only mom with a kid who suffers like this.

Saying a prayer for you tonight.

Sarah R said...

Alana, thank you for the information. I will bring it up with my son's NP. I didn't find a link online, but then again, I was pretty emotional and may have missed information.
Bucket has gained 25 pounds in a year...since his 9th birthday in July 2007, he was 65, and he was 90 this past week. He is still within normal ranges for weight (he was considered underweight before) but what a jump!