Monday, November 24, 2008

Couch to 5K in 2 Months

I was telling my cousin Dee about my new workout. She has been encouraging me for years to get on my feet, because heart disease, obesity and diabetes is rampant in our family. She was very proud of me...then she sent me the link for a special program for running.
It never occurred to me to even try running, even though I do have runners in my family. Dee is my cousin on my biological father's side, but on my maternal side, my cousin Renee was a runner, my Uncle Lance, my cousin April, and my Uncle Danny are all marathon runners. So yes, it did intrigue me. Considering the only time I run is when I'm barefoot outside in August (ow! ow! ow! 2nd degree burns on the tootsies!) I am truly a beginner in the worst way. I decided that it looked doable (snort!) and attempted it this morning.
Ya'll, even with a month of 5 day-a-week walking, I couldn't do it. First, one needs a stopwatch, and I don't have one. Still don't have a pedometer either. Or a scale. Second, I forgot breakfast again, and starting feel ill immediately. Third, I need a sports bra. As a woman with a 40D bra size, gravity is my enemy. I gave up within 5 minutes of trying, due to equipment and pain issues. But I will be back tomorrow, mark my word!!!

Here is the link if anyone is interested in trying this out:

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