Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainy Saturday Morning

As my vacation from work quickly winds down, I sit here at my desk this morning. At 8:42am, the sky is still dark, swollen with rainclouds. The gentle tap-tap-tap of the rain hitting our metal gutters relaxes me. I don't normally pull up the computer so early, but I have more schoolwork to complete, and the house is mostly quiet. Still in my pink pajamas, my hair in a sloppy bun, my glasses perches upon my nose, I listen. I listen to the kittens playing about my feet. I listen to the gentle burps of the coffeemaker. Bucket is pouring himself a bowl of cereal, Missy is playing with the dog, and Tiger is still sleeping. We had planned a day at the pumpkin patch, but the rain may delete that activity. We still have some decorations to put up, and to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters (its not for me, I swear it!)
Mr. R left for a quick trip to Texas this morning. I helped him pack his bag, find his socks, and pick out some dvds. I kissed him goodbye under the portico of our home, wrapping my arms around his neck and wishing that he could stay home with me on this wonderful rainy Saturday morning.

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