Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'll Be Back Here Shortly

I'm just having a quick breakfast before I head off to church in an hour. I logged on to check my grades. This is my last week of Anatomy and Physiology I, and boy am I pooped. I am so glad I have this week off, so I can concentrate on work and getting my house in order again. (it was clean, but those kids...ah, I love em, but they're so dirty!) Right now, I have a solid C average without my final exam being graded, so it can only go up at this point. Even if I got a zero (which won't happen, cuz I'm Sarah!) I would still get a C. I have one more lab to complete after church, and then I get this entire next week off!
Today, church is going to be a bit long for me. After service, I am going to a meeting so that I can become a volunteer in what we call the "Two by Two." Two by Two is a program at our church in where we pair a "buddy" with an autistic child who can't sit by his or herself without assistance. This is so that the child can full integrate with the classroom, learn about the Lord, yet have someone there as a guide in case things get too intense. Bucket started in this class, and has done so well that he no longer has a buddy. When I first started at my church, I walked in a very broken woman. I wanted my little guy not only to know the Lord, but to love the Lord. He was not even close. Part of that had to do with me...I had lots of trust issues myself, and that holier than thou attitude of "He's my son, and I'm going to do EVERYTHING!" Well, while yes he is my son, I had to recognize that he is the Lord's son first, and I just have custody right now, hahahahaha.
When Bucket first started in this program, I was so distrusting that I would stand outside the classroom to watch his buddy interact with Bucket. I also cried a lot. Not only is Bucket super attached to me, but I am to him. Watching him grow up, and having to let go is one of the most painful things I have experienced in my 33 years on this earth.
Anyway, Bucket has thrived in his three years in the program. He believes in God, he believes that Jesus Christ is his Savior, but so far, he has not asked to be baptized. I told him he could whenever he wants, but this is his decision and I'm not pushing him. He is learning a lot and I'm so very proud of him, and happy for him too. He is making friends. The only thing he doesn't like is all the coloring...his teacher this year is a crafts fanatic, which he doesn't care for, but he does attempt to participate, which is all I can ask for.
So, after seeing Bucket do so well, it occurred to me (yeah, I'm quick) that I could help another child. I talked to the leaders of Two by Two, Tim and Sheila, who have a daughter with autism, and they were quick to welcome me to the fold. Then I discovered that since I have been on both sides of the game (both a mom and a volunteer) that they want me to speak at this meeting. I have no notecards, nothing planned, but I'm actually a very good public speaker and I'm ready to go.

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