Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sarah the New Student

Well, I have now been back in school for three entire days. So far, so good. I haven't received my textbooks yet, which makes studying rather difficult. However, I'm not considering this a real class. First off, its only worth one credit, instead of 3 like normal classes. It's really just a filler, just trying to get someone ready for classes again. I had to write a paragraph (yes, one paragraph. Laughable.) on conquering fear. I am also supposed to comment on other people's writings as well. One thing I've noticed, this is not a class full of writers. Poor grammar and atrocious spelling makes it difficult to even read some of these paragraphs. I'm not thinking I'm better than anyone else, that is soooo not me, but I am shaking my head as I attempt to read. As in *WOW*, no one else has paid attention in English. Well, at least my writings look good, I guess. After all, I am in college to excel, and I am quite competitive. Not in a bad way, I don't dance when people fail, but I'm always happy when I do well.
So far, I've already noticed that Bucket doesn't like me doing schoolwork. He literally harassed me the entire time I was on the computer. He insisted on doing his homework right next to me. In a way, it was very cute. In another way, it was very annoying, because it's hard to concentrate when a 9 yr old boy is making up silly sentences with his spelling words. All of his sentences involve butts, poop, pee, and vomit. It's always a joy, you know?

Anyway, I worked with him while I was editing my paragraph (lol again. my paragraph...ooooooh) We both got our work done, and then we played Monopoly again. I'll be really glad when I get my extra student loan for $1400, because I'm getting my new desk. (Yeah, I took out extra for a new desk. At least the interest rate is low, right?) This desk will be so much bigger, and then Bucket will have room to sit next to me and do his homework. I may even spring for a little stool I can stash under the desk so he's not dragging the dining room chairs all over the house. We'll see how it goes.

Missy, however, is fascinated by Mama doing schoolwork. She keeps peeking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing, and asking me if its going to help me make more money at my job. I think this is because she realizes that she will be an adult in five years, and is starting to think seriously about her future. Tiger so far, doesn't give a flying leap about me being in college. He's just annoyed because he gets less playtime on the computer. Already considering, for next semester in January, of obtaining another extra loan to get a laptop. As the kids get older, they need the computer, and I'm going to be on it a lot. It might be time for us to be a two-computer household. I guess I'll gauge that as my studies continue. It's just a thought for now.

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