Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Mom Came up With an Idea

Mentioned to Nana that I might have additional money if this free desk works out. Before I could tell her that I intended to purchase a laptop, she said, "Oh, you should get a pool for those kids for the backyard so they have somewhere to play this summer!"
Oh man. Was so busy thinking about myself, totally forgot that the kids would be home all summer while I was working. A pool is a great idea...IF I can convince Mr. R to get it. He has issues with pool upkeep. Darn, I was really wanting a laptop...but a pool would keep them super happy, and busy, and active! Without me missing time at work. All good things. Hmmmm...what do you guys think?
Just so you kids are not babies. So I don't need to stand over them while they swim. They can all actually swim, not just paddle. And, my desk is feet from the backyard. And we live in Florida, so its not like I'm going to use it for a month and then have to put the cover on it. We could use a pool...I'd say 9 to 10 months out of the year.
I'm going to need a clothesline for all the towels in my backyard, that's for certain.

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