Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Date?!?! Already?!!?

Missy got asked out on her first date.
Before anyone flips out on me, listen up. First of all, yes, I know she's only 12. However, she's going to be 13 in July. Second, this is a boy from church. In fact, this boy's mama is Tiger's science and language arts teacher. Third, it's one of those "group" dates which means that a bunch of kids are going, but this young man asked Missy to attend with him, in a group.
Mr. R about dropped his chalupa. Perhaps because he remembers the fun we had when we were not much older than Missy. *cough cough* I've been with Mr. R since I was about 15 years old. And besides our brief separation back in 2000 for about 7 months, we have been together non-stop. I was telling Mr. R, that Missy is at an age where she is looking at boys in a new light. I also told him that the chance was good that her future husband is in our congregation. Well that sure shut him up, lol.
So, for now, we're letting her attend. This boy's mom is coming to the house so we can talk movie times. I feel comfortable with this because I have trained her up in the way she should go. Now is the time for me to trust that what I've done with her is correct and good.

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