Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When God Answers Prayers Directly

Hey people! What's shaking?!?!
I just had an answer to prayer, and I wanted to type it down so I'd not forget it.
Mr. R and I have been back and forth on the new baby thing for a while. Yes, we want more children. To him, fostering is not an option at this time, although it may be in the future. However, a vasectomy reversal is expensive! We have been praying about it. The Lord has convicted both of us that we should get it done. However, the procedure is $4000. All in all, not a ton of money, but still a good chunk. And Mr. R and I...we don't do debt. I could put it on a credit card, but we will not do it. So I have been praying for windfalls of money to basically fall in our laps.
Lo and behold...
1) the possible tax break coming up. If the current numbers hold up, we should be receiving $2100. $1200 per couple, plus $300 per kid, is $2100. That is half the money right there.
2) our tax refund. Normally, we get about $3500. We do have another debt to pay off though, so its going to our debt first. But if we have any leftover, its going to the reversal.
3) I just got an email that I am getting a bonus at work on 2/14 (the day of loooove) and its about 1.3% of my annual salary last year, so thats around $350.

Lord, could you be a bit clearer?
LOL...isn't He good?

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