Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The World Today

I'm just sort of sad about the world these days.
As you people know, I work from home for a hospital. Full time, 40 hrs a week. Who am I kidding, its more like 45. I only get paid for 40. Anyway, during the time I am working, I try valiantly to keep up on my home. Some days, I do great. Other days, I am a failure. It is very frustrating.
Over the course of my seven year career at the hospital, management positions have become available, which I was qualified for. And yes, it would have been nice, I guess. Wearing nice clothes, wearing actual shoes (I love my flip flops), having to drive an hour into Orlando, and then drive home an hour back. Yes, I would have made more money. I guess.
What I'm sad about is, the notion that now that my kids are older, they don't need me anymore. I disagree heartily. When the positions have opened up, I've always turned them down politely, and said, "I'm sorry, but my kids still need me." However, the last time I said that, the nasty reply was, "Aren't they in middle school yet?"
Have you hung out in middle school lately? I wouldn't consider the middle school set an example of maturity!
Not only that, but lets be realistic here. Let's say they give me a raise and I'm making $16 per hour. $16 per hour, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks per year, is $33,280.
Let's say I don't do after school care. So that saves me money, right? After all, I can leave the boys home after school. Missy will be home later in the afternoon to watch them. But what do I do over all the holidays, spring breaks, and summer?
The local city government has summer daycamp for $65 a week. Sounds good, right? $195 a week to pay some poor person to watch not only my three, but about 200 other kids. Summer is what, 10 weeks long?
So for the pleasure of working all summer long, I pay someone almost $2000 to watch my children.
No thanks...keep me home.
I didn't even budget in driving 45 miles one way, twice a day, with $3 per gallon gas, 5 times a week. And the clothes I'd have to buy just to get started....
Flip flops and sweat pants look better and better every day.

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