Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I need to go the the Lord in Prayer

I went to this amazing charity event last Friday through an organization called "Nathaniel's Hope." Basically, they provide free respite care for children with disabilities, so their parents can have three hours to themselves. I took Bucket and Tiger with me last weekend. They both had fun, but Bucket really loved it. The next event is December 15, and Bucket has already reminded me of it several times.
Anyway, Bucket was so excited about this fun new thing we were trying, that he injured me. He was bouncing up and down and slammed into me while I was sitting on a concrete floor. Down I went. Crunched my back and my bad shoulder. Knocked the wind out of me.
This is where going to the Lord comes in.
I have been saying, over and over, that I want to be home with my children, especially for Bucket's sake. Well, maybe I've been thinking wrong. Maybe its their Daddy who needs to be home. After all, Bucket is going to be a tall, strong, and possibly socially frustrated man very soon. And while I am not some frail petite little thing, I already have physical trouble handling him. Two major car accidents have destroyed the muscles in my shoulders and I get achy and tired very fast.
Mr. R and I need to go the Lord in prayer to see if this is a direction we should go in. I still have all the medical coding information and it would only take a me a year to finish the school and double my salary. Mr. R says that if the Lord moves us in this direction, he will gladly go.

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