Monday, November 5, 2007

An Amazing Thing Happened at Church Picnic

I'm sure this lady doesn't read my blog, considering I just met her over the weekend. I was in line with Bucket waiting for hot dogs at the picnic. We had to wait over 15 minutes for a hot dog, which is sorta crazy. Anyway, he tried so hard to be patient. I didn't realize that Bucket had started crying, as his back was against my stomach and he was doing it quietly. He was trying so hard to control himself, but he was hungry and the wait was bad. A lady I had never seen before saw Bucket's tears, and actually took his plate, ran to the barbecue, and got one for him. He was so relieved, and so was I. She came over to me after he had finally eaten, and told me she was an aide in his Sunday school class, and knew his situation. She felt so sorry for him trying to wait on the hot dog, she had to do something about it. All I know about her is, is that her name is Jennifer and she is an angel in disguise.

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