Monday, November 5, 2007

God is Good

Have you ever been just happily content?
Nothing has changed dramatically in my life. There was no windfall of money. My husband still has the job I am not crazy about. I am just happy to be me, content with my life. The Lord has been good to me. I love the holiday season. I especially love Thanksgiving...a day to give THANKS. I am so thankful for my life.
Over the weekend, Mr. R was home, and were able to attend the church picnic as a family. We were sitting on the bench together eating burgers, and talking about having more children. This is a BIG DEAL. My heart tells me I want more children. My brain and my wallet tell me how foolish this can be, especially being the mother of an autistic child. I teasingly said to Mr. R, "I can go back to school, get a career, and get a tummy tuck." (hey, I had three 8 lb children in three years, cut a girl some slack, she needs a tummy tuck!) But my darling Mr. R said, "Those are rewards of the world, I'd rather invest in eternal rewards. I'd rather you be home with our children and have more children with you." Did I not marry the best guy ever? I even said back "Can you live with the tummy pooch?" and he said, "Of course I can, you got the pooch carrying our children!" Wow do I love him.

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