Tuesday, October 23, 2007

School Decision

No school for now.
I thought long and hard about this one. A lot of praying, too.
Look, I am a busy lady. I have three children, and a husband who travels constantly. I have a home to care for, meals to cook, homework to oversee. Pets to feed, laundry to wash, dry and fold. Toilets to scrub, counters to disinfect. Never mind that we have music lessons, church, and other activities. Also, my full time job as precert rep at FH.
I am already tired 90% of the time. I would rather spend my free time doing fun activities with my children, reading my Bible, and getting more involved in church. Besides, I know myself well enough to know that I just *can't* leave Bucket. At the end of the day, I can't just dump his care on Missy. Or Tiger. Or even Mr. R. That is my job, as his mother, to be here for him. It is not only my job, but my privilege! My joy! I have had no peace thinking about leaving him at home alone while I work at a new job.
Not only that, but I love being home. I loooove my home. I love the way it smells, I love how it feels safe. I love the music I play, I love my furniture. I love the new floors. I love the colors we chose for the walls, I love the garden outside. I love the plants Mr. R put in the ground. I love being here all day. I feel like a safety net for my children. If they are sick, I am here. If they have a day off school, I am here. There is no mad dash for daycare. There is Mom. When my children grow older, I don't want them to say to their friends, "My mom had a great job! My mom worked tons of hours and stuck us in daycare. Then she ordered pizza for us and watched tv all night." No, I want them to say "My mom loved us so much, she stayed at home. She cooked us real meals, and put us to bed with a story every night. She took us to church. She was there when I came home from school every day. She helped with our homework. She played games with us, and took us swimming in the summer. She took care of us when we were sick. She kissed our heads and rubbed our feet and smiled a lot."
Thats what I want. A life in dedication to the Lord, to my husband, and to our children. In that order.

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