Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I wish I liked to cook...

My mom (Nana to you peeps) and Aunt Kelly both love to cook and bake. My sister (Aunt Kelly!) just called to tell me she was making a pumpkin cheesecake or something amazingly good like that. They cook to relieve stress. I am the exact causes me stress. Big time! I wish I enjoyed it as they do. While I certainly enjoy a good meal, the prep and clean up gets me.
I felt sort of bad when I called Mr. R's mom, Granny, to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner. She immediately said, "Who's cooking?", which is her lovely way of saying, "Girlllll, I don't want me no food poisoning. Order Chinese or let Mr. R do the bird!"
So Mr. R is taking over the bird, as he loves to deep fry the turkey. Its my job to do the pumpkin pies and the green bean casserole. I buy the store brand biscuits, I have no idea how to make real ones. I'm putting Missy and Tiger on snack patrol, meaning they get to cut cheese and put them on crackers. Yes, thats a snack!!!
Since its only seven of us this year (our family of 5, plus Missy's friends whose parents got stuck working on Thanksgiving) we are not going crazy. No potatoes, as only Mr. R and I eat potatoes. I'd rather have green beans anyway. We're going to Nana's for dessert at 8pm, because poor Nana got stuck working too! (Note to only pay people minimum wage and expect them to work Thanksgiving!?!? What the !*^!@# is wrong with you people?!!?) So this will be a gentle, quiet, laid back Thanksgiving for us. I pray that everyone who reads this post will have a wonderful day too.

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