Thursday, October 11, 2007

I found a great website called and found lots of great options. I may not have to pay for college after all! Essays don't scare fact, I'd consider my writing a strength. I am still not certain if I want to start classes so soon, by October 29. I don't think I'm mentally prepared for it. Maybe if they have some November classes, I could be ready for that. Or even December.

In other news, I had sort of a crappy day. I had to go down to the elementary school, thinking I was just signing off on paperwork for Bucket to get occupational therapy at school. I had suggested that he was having issues with grasping a pencil correctly, and his letters are quite large, plus he never spaces his words. Its like the world's longest run-on sentence! The OT agreed that he needed a bit of extra help. So I go down to the school, thinking this is going to take two minutes. I didn't even clock out at work, just jumped in the car and zipped on down to the school. Little did I know that there was a full on meeting in process. And I got hit with the humdinger...they wanted me to decide, right there on the spot, whether Bucket was going to obtain a special diploma, or a standard diploma. Huh? Wha? How did this happen? Can't I just sign the OT paperwork and scadoodle outta here? Oooooh no. We had to discuss goals, his behavior, if he's capable of taking the 10th grade!!! Holy torpedos, people, you want me to guess about a test he's going to take 6 freaking years from now?!?! How about if we go to the kindergarten hall and ask them what they'd like to major in in college? (I bet we'd have a lot of tots signing up for Sesame Street, cupcakes, and blocks majors!) Anyway, I refused to make a choice on the spot. I hadn't prepared for the bombardment, and frankly, I was ticked off. This No Child Left Behind act should be called "Screw the Disabled and Laugh at Their Mothers" act instead. There is absolutely no middle ground for kids like Bucket. Either you get a regular diploma, or you get a "special" diploma which probably isn't worth the paper its written on. We finally settled on an October 25 date for his IEP, but I really want my sister, who is a special education teacher, to come with me. So I called her tonight (I will call her "Aunt Kelly" from here on out) and October 25 is no good for her. I will call the school to reschedule so Aunt Kelly can come with me to the IEP meeting.

In cooler news, I got to meet Bucket's new teacher, Mr. L. He is from Brooklyn and has the accent to match. So far, he seems to adore Bucket. Either that or he is blowing smoke up my butt, but whatevs. The point is, *I* adore Bucket. I told Mr. L how I was going to buy large print graph paper so Bucket can do his math better, and he thought it was a great idea. I hope it works.

I can't think of anything else, except I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, and that I can catch up on sleep, housework, and sleep. Did I mention sleep twice? There's a reason!

Mrs. R

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