Monday, October 8, 2007

How Do You Study Your Bible?

As a busy wife and mother, sitting down to do anything (whether it be reading, studying, sleeping, or peeing) is difficult! That is why I want to ask out there in blog do you study your Bible? Do you schedule time? Do you just pick it up whenever? One friend suggested I leave my Bible in the bathroom, but that didn't seem quiet right to me...the Word of God doesn't belong in the room where pooping takes place!
I am trying to get more organized in my life, and I want God to be the center of my day. Not just what I do when I have time. Because I will never have enough time!
Any ideas or thoughts?


testdowns said...

Hello blogger!
We're on this path together! I'm trying to get up early each day to get my quiet time with God. That is about the only quiet time of the day!
Talk to you soon!


cristy witney said...

Hey Sarah!
It's so cool you started your own BLOG. It's good to hear from you! Like Sheila that posted, I too find my quiet time with the scriptures in the early a.m. hours before anyone else is awake. It's my favorite time of day! I too find it hard to 'remember' to have God as the forethought like we should. I have actually started practicing having a way more positive outlook, being grateful for all things, and that has really helped me to remember Him because ALL good things come from Him. I feel a great peace when I just remember to remember to be grateful.:)
I'll come back often, I hope all is well!

Mrs. R said...

Hi Cristy and Sheila! I'm so glad you both took time to say "hi"
This is fun so far, we'll see how it goes!