Saturday, October 7, 2017


I'm sitting in a hospital in Daytona Beach right now, proctoring an exam which lasts 5 hours and 40 minutes.  I'm really glad that I was an officer for the past two years, but I can't run again (they have term limits!) and I'm glad to give up this responsibility.  It was SO HARD to get up at 5am on this drizzly Saturday morning, with my warm husband snuggled up beside me, to get out and work FOR FREE.  I do have tons of pictures to share, but they are most car and office selfies.  I need to do better!

I really do not know what is up with the weird face I'm making here.  This shirt is one of my favorites.  I got it at Ross a few years ago, and it's a 2X and too big for me, but it's so comfy.  I need to learn how to take in seams so it will fit me better.  Sometimes the color looks wonky, but I can tell you it's a navy blue with a khaki stripe.  I tend to wear this shirt with either my navy blue work pants or my brown work pants.  

My lucky red WalMart tee shirt and my glasses.  I'm basic here.

I like the contrast of the cobalt sweater with my red tee.

Dog pics are the best!  Here is my little Bella snuggling up to Bucket's cat, Quazar.  I didn't name the cat, guys.

I think my hair and makeup look great here, but you can tell I'm sad.  This is the day I had my daughter admitted to a drug rehab center.  

You can see those sneaky grays coming back at the hair line!

This shirt makes me happy.  It's also a bit too big and it's a 1X.  I got it at a Burlington Coat Factory in Sanford FL.  I get compliments every time I wear it, regarding how blue it makes my eyes appear.  I will wear this top with pretty much every pair of pants I own: right now I own five pairs of work pants in gray, dark brown, navy, and two in black.  It's boring but makes my life easy and I can switch all the tops around.  Unfortunately (or not!) the pants are all too big and hanging on the ground so I really need new ones.

Seriously I was just admiring my eyebrows on this particular day.

This cheap (under $10) pink cardigan I picked up a year ago at my local Ross has ended up being a favorite.  I wear it at least two or three times a week.  I've got it paired with a navy ruched top I found at Goodwill for $3.

Cub pictures are fun.

It's been a while since you've seen pictures of the kids!  Here is Tiger age 20.  He is engaged and has his own place.  He loves animals!

Got to my 1 year anniversary without a hitch.  I really love my job!  This place is so much better than my last place of employment, I am a much happier person these days.

My job has this very cool concept where we take a conference room, and everyone brings in clothes they no longer want.  Then everyone goes to the conference room and finds "new" clothes to wear.  I came away with this super cute red print top and it cost me nothing!

I may have a super cute top to wear, but this hair is something.

Let's fix the hair, shall we?

Glad to not have gray, but I had a different stylist (mine was out with a hysterectomy) and she got dye all over my head.  Plus, the color was just not very dynamic.  It was "okay."

It just faded so fast, so I'll try something else next time.

News?  My daughter is out of drug rehab now.  I think she needs to go back.  She's still just so...sneaky.  I don't trust her for nothing.  I lock my bedroom door every time I go to work.
I still haven't picked up a second job, and I'm glad.  Between my work and the commute, I'm pretty tired.  I still haven't decided if I should go back to school.  Signing a contract with this place for them to pay for me to go to school is scary.  I guess after getting burned so bad at my 13 year job, I'm scared to make that commitment.  Next blog post will be about Hurricane Irma.

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