Friday, August 18, 2017

Status Quo

It's been a month since my last post, and nothing is really new.  I just keep driving to work (I hate the commute) and code my little heart out.  I still really like my job.  My hair is growing out quickly from the pixie from last October.  I'm once again able to put it in a bun or ponytail.  For now, I'm letting it grow out.  Pixies are awesome and I love them on other women but when I see pictures of myself, I'm usually not too impressed.  Plus, they are work to keep up!  So yeah, I think I'm coming back to long hair...or at least medium length, maybe just a bit past my shoulders.  Once it gets longer than that, I end up with crushing headaches and I'm just not interested in that.  I have quite a few pictures to share!

Clearly, this blue and green ruffled top is a favorite of mine.  I've worn it before on this blog and I probably wear this shirt once or twice a month at work.  With my blue eyes, these bright blues and greens are favorites of mine to wear.  The blue cardigan is new, I got it from Lane Bryant back in May on clearance.  It's a size 14/16 and has really cute crochet arms.  I'll have to take a better picture of it.

Makeup sure looks different from the car, than inside all the glorious florescent office lighting.

Hooray for Younique makeup!

So I do have a bit of a...I don't know if dilemma is the right word to use, but I guess a decision to make.  In order to pay off some debt (and we don't have a lot thank God) I decided to ask a friend of mine if she had any insight on coding jobs to work from home.  Not to quit where I am now, but just part time in the evening to supplement my income and clear out some of these bills.  She's an instructor at a college for coding and billing.  Instead, she asked me to apply to her school and be an instructor.  I am completely taken aback by this; I've only been a coder for three years, although I do have 20 years of experience in medical as a whole.  In my head, I was hoping to find a code at home job for about two hours every night and maybe on Saturdays while I do laundry.  But one thing I have learned over the years, is to apply for anything and see what happens!  So I applied for the instructor job and haven't heard a peep out of them!  I messaged my friend back to tell her that I didn't think they were interested in me because I have not heard back.  She insists that they will hire me, that I'd be perfect for the job, and not to give up hope.  But the next term starts August 28; that is ten days away.  That is NOT enough time for me to prepare, to change my schedule at my full time job, and to become...gulp...a teacher!

I have three other options here (in my head, anyway.)

1) forget this teaching nonsense and find a work at home job!
2) forget getting a second job.  Come home and relax!
3) forget a second job and relaxing.  Go back to college and get your bachelors!  This new job is willing to pay for that!

Ughhhhh....decisions decisions!  Do you all have any thoughts on this?

I had an all black day like I used to do in high school.  I seriously could use a little sun.  You can tell I'm a cubicle dweller, I practically glow in the dark.

I'm not sad here (for a change.)  I'm trying to take pictures of my eye makeup.  I don't have a vanity or makeup mirror and I do my makeup in a poorly lit bathroom, perched with one butt cheek on a sink and balancing with my left foot.  It's actually really ridiculous.  I told Mr. R I want a vanity with a mirror.  He actually agrees, since my makeup and hair stuff takes up the entire vanity in our bathroom!  (Good eyebrow day here.)

I picked up this cute dress at Goodwill for $6.  I have to wear a tank under it though, as it's quite low cut.  Still, the fit is amazing, like it was made for me.  It comes to about two inches below my knees and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.

Dreaming of a three day weekend.  Labor Day, you are so close.  Come to Mama.
This top is also a Goodwill find, which I picked up for a mere $3.  It's odd colors, light gray, black and yellow.  For some reason I threw my pink cardigan over it and I thought it looked cute.  Doesn't match at all, but I think it worked.

Taking pictures at your desk with no one noticing is hard.

So what else has happened in the past month?

Missy turned 22.  She is still having drug issues.  It makes me incredibly sad.
It was our 23rd wedding anniversary.  Mr. R hurt his back again (I think his trucking career is just about over, the man is broken and a serious grouch.)  so we did nothing but let him rest.  It was the most boring anniversary I think I've ever had.
Next month in September will be my one year anniversary at my new job already!

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