Sunday, October 29, 2017


So like most of the southern US, we "hunkered down" for the biggest hurricane in the Atlantic.  And you know what?  We had almost no damage at all.  Not one shingle, not one drop of rain came into this house.  We lost power for approximately five hours, and that happened after the hurricane already blew through!  We lost no food, no money, and I literally did not miss a single day of work.  It was unreal.  However, we still have tree debris on the side of the road, but that's about it.  I have to admit I was suffering from some anxiety over this one, but we came through just fine, and I'm grateful for it.

Tiger just had to go outside and wave the flag after the storm.  
It was a little scary for little dogs, so we got in some cuddle time, until it got too loud for the babies and we had to put them in their crate and put a dark blanket over them.  The sound of the wind howling is what I'd imagine banshees would sound like; screaming howls of pain.  That was probably the worst part of the storm.
But snuggle fix everything.

Only me and one other coder showed up to work on Monday September 11th, after the hurricane.  Most had no power; others were trapped in their homes from tree branches or flooding.  Neither were an issue for me, so I came in.  Mr. R was home with the kids and dogs, so there was no need for me to stay home and use up my PTO.

Praying that your family did not suffer during this storm, either!  How are you?

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