Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finally, Some Fun

Last weekend, I did my usual house cleaning and laundry on Saturday.  And of course, I went to church on Sunday.  But I dreaded going home to do nothing and spend hours on Pinterest (although I do really love Pinterest.)  On a whim, I told the kids to load up and get in the car, because we were going to the springs.  And I'm so glad we did.  I needed fresh air, sunshine, and no screen time!

I caught three fish!  Wearing my red Love shirt (this was Valentine's Day) that I got from Ross for $6, Svoboda jeans that are far too large for me now, my beat up pink flip flops and a pink and red heart scarf in my hair, from the Dollar Tree!

I did throw the fish back.

Look how cute!  A baby manatee, his mama is nearby. 
I made this my Facebook profile picture.  I needed something funny!  However, those roots are not funny at all.  No sir.

Only 2 kids were able to come with me.  Missy was at work, and poor Bucket had a terrible cough and congestion.
This day was just what I needed to take a break from a busy world, smile, get fresh air, and just be grateful for a beautiful spring day in Central Florida.  

Unfortunately, this weekend is different.  On Wednesday, I started feeling like of icky, but not a cold.  It hurt when I used the restroom (ahem) and by Thursday morning, I actually left work to go to the urgent care center.  It turns out I had a thrombosed external hemorrhoid and an anal fissure (google those images if you need to vomit).  I missed work on Friday to basically spend the day in my bathroom, sobbing and wishing for death.  It's Saturday morning now, and I still hurt, although I did get medicine.  The medicine, it's delightful.  It's a foam that comes with an applicator that could be used as a torture device.  And it burns.  Internally.  But the pressure is going away, and I'm not screaming in agony anymore.  But right now, I'm sitting on a heat pad on my bed, cradling a snoring Chihuahua.  Not exactly a fun day.  The rectal pain is mostly gone, but I have this weird sensation of pressure in my lady parts, which reminds me a lot of how I felt after I gave birth to the kids.  It's a strange sensation for sure, and I find it difficult to sit comfortably, bend, and transition.  I'm not very comfortable.  

I was finally able to see a GYN after not having insurance for a while, and I was diagnosed with bladder prolapse, which didn't surprise me at all.  So I am wondering if this pressure is from the bladder.  I might need to make another appointment to find out.  

So anyway, I hope my readers are having a better day than me, although I guess having a warm butt and a snuggly Chihuahua isn't too terrible.  Count your blessings!

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I am so glad to see that you were able to get out and enjoy some beautiful weather. It does the soul so much good!! Love your red "Love" tee- that is cute!
Hope you get to feeling better soon, Lisa :O)