Thursday, March 31, 2016


Tequila got pregnant by the studly Chihuahua "Diesel" on our street, and she had six lovely puppies on the stormy night of March 26th.  It's fun to come home from work to see them.

She is so tired.

So we're helping out by bottle feeding the two smallest ones.

I call this one Piglet.

At age 18, my son is finally driving.  This is me trying to reach the pedals after he gets out.

The work situation has not changed.  I eat lunch in my car every day (and I keep spilling food in it.  It has to be detailed soon before the food starts to smell.)  I avoid everyone.  I have been required to take a class in workplace confrontation which honestly makes me mad because I have no idea who filed the complaints against me.  I am learning quite a bit from it, but it sort of feels like punishment.  I'm trying not to take it as such, and I was very nice to the HR lady when she told me I had to take it due to the amount of complaints received.  But I still find it upsetting.  I'm about half way through it now.  I am applying to other positions without much luck, but I figure God is keeping me here to teach me something, so I'm trying to be open to this experience.

I ordered materials to earn my next certification.  I decided to get my CHONC, which is a specialized certification in hematology and oncology.  My first job after the hospital ended was an oncology office, and I found it fascinating while I was there.  I'm paying for it on my own, so even though it has nothing to do with the job I have now, I figured it would be interesting enough to keep me occupied.

Parenting is weird now that the kids are so much older.  Missy is doing so much better after her suicide attempt in January.  She's got a new job, is back in college, and she's also studying to become a medical coder.  We sit together while I'm doing my CEUs and hopefully this will give her an edge as she moves into this profession.  Tiger is finally about to finish high school, and has a job interview tomorrow.  Poor kid has been looking for a job for over a year.  I can't believe how cut throat places like grocery stores and fast food are now; they want experience, and I remember when that was how all kids started.  He's going to be 19 in April, he's so ready to work and start his adult life.  Unfortunately, Bucket is not going to graduate on time with his class.  He's short by 3 credits, all math.  I don't know what we're going to do, either put him back in school for one more year or let him get his GED.  He's not capable of going to college and not sure of which places will hire someone with a disability.  He'll be 18 in July, and I will be officially "done" as I have raised three children into adulthood.

So, what's next for me?  Getting Missy, Tiger and their friend Des to move out.  Help Bucket move into adulthood, with as little help from me as possible, but as much help as he needs to be a success.  Hopefully find a work at home coding position with great benefits and pay.  Pay off some debt, start putting money away for retirement, do some home repairs that have been bugging me (we haven't had a kitchen floor in almost two years, just bare concrete.)  Putting my health as a major priority, working out and managing my diabetes better.   I would love to go on a cruise with my husband, Mostly, I want to grow closer in my relationship with Jesus, learn more about Him, and become more comfortable sharing my faith.

I should have this pictures this weekend, a friend of mine is turning 40 on Saturday so I expect some shenanigans to happen.  No drinking for me of course, but I'm happy to take pictures of the silliness.  :)

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