Saturday, April 18, 2015

Where Did You Go?

Oh peeps.  I am so sorry to be gone for what...three weeks now? But let me tell you, I am busier than I have ever been in my entire life.

My new job continues to be awesome.  I received my benefits package last Thursday.  I will have health insurance as of May 9th!  I am incredibly excited about this.  I will be covering me and the kids, but it's ridiculously expensive to cover Mr. R.  He's looking into VA coverage (yes, he's a veteran) or purchasing a high deductible plan since he never sees a doctor except the chiropractor.

On Easter Sunday, Bucket had a seizure in church.  My church, in their creative endeavors, decided to add strobe lighting to the Easter play.  I am so grateful Tiger was with me, as he was able to carry Bucket out of the sanctuary.  Bucket is now 5 foot 9 and 164lbs...not exactly light.  Especially when he's stiff as a board and twitching.

Cheese fries at Denny's.
 I made an appointment at the Health Dept for Bucket.  I did like the physician but he immediately wanted to give three shots and I said no.  I know many people have very strong opinions about vaccines. You would think that having a child on the autism spectrum means I am anti-vax.  Nope.  What I am is "anti-so-many-vaccines-at-once."  And considering my kid just had a seizure, I'd rather avoid putting more crap in his body right now.  And since he's still a child and I am his mama, I get to make that choice.  Anyway, poor Bucket has new diagnoses:  cystic acne (my poor kiddo, I'm so sorry you got bad skin from me) Asperger's Syndrome (which shouldn't have been diagnosed, as it's been dropped from the coding lexicon, which I don't agree with but whatever), autism (old hat), OCD (this is new!) epilepsy (there is no distinction in seizures, I do not agree that he has epilepsy) and restless leg syndrome (he was diagnosed with this when he was 12, doesn't shock me at all.)  He's an interesting child, for sure.  What can I say, I am NEVER bored.

The physician agreed with me in that Bucket needs a neurological work up.  He suggested, and I was grateful, that we wait until my health insurance kicks in, on May 9th.  He also suggested that I put Bucket on Healthy Kids (it's a health insurance for kids with no other insurance) because it would be cheaper.  I will give it a shot, but it's very likely we won't qualify.  My new insurance is going to be United, which I've never had before but frankly, I'm looking forward to me and the kids having coverage again. that the hard stuff has been covered:

I wore my Target pink and gray striped maxi to church at some point, but I don't even remember when.
You can always tell when my husband is home to take my pictures, because he always puts me next to his favorite plants. This one is called a sego palm.  He planted this the weekend we moved into this house, May of 2001.  The seeds look like walnuts, and it's grown to this.  These are very pricey plants in Florida, this one is worth probably $500 right now.

I bought this dress last year right before I lost my job.  Who knew it would end up being one of the best things that ever happened to me?

My husband loves this magnolia tree.  Lots of blooms on this year, he's pretty excited for them to open.  Have you ever smelled a magnolia blossom?  It reminds me of lemon sweet tea.  It's so fragrant and clean smelling!  And I have no idea what's wrong with my face here.  

I wish I could tell you that I'm out doing something fun and exciting today, but I'd be lying.  On a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, I am sick in bed.  Again.  I started feeling scratchy-throated Thursday afternoon at work.  I was supposed to go to Zumba but I started coughing again, so I skipped it.  On Friday, I felt like absolute hell but I went to work because one of my coworkers was out Thursday because her sister was having a baby and I had no idea if she would be at work.  My boss Debbie took one look at me and suggested I go home early.  I told her I would finish my paperwork and go home.  I did, and was on the 11:34 train back to home.  I spent most of the afternoon sleeping, coughing, and wishing I was dead.  My fever only got to 1013 this time.  I slept 10 hours last night, woke up with a horrible headache.  Got up, took three advil and my essential oils of dill and oregano.  Now I am feeling better but still shaky, somewhat feverish and this DAMN COUGH which has basically plagued me since January.  My house is a disaster, my sister is coming over with the lemongrass essential oil I ordered, and I need a shower in the worst way.

So that's my life right now!

When you're sick, chihuahuas help.  Really.

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