Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lovin' It

So.  My new job.  It's AWESOME, and I am so glad I turned down a few stinkers and got this one.  I have great co-workers, a wonderful Christian supervisor, and a place to grow and flourish.  They are already investing in me, and I am going to a coding conference in April!  I am already helping to do the referrals, and I am even beginning to decorate my desk.  Yes, I believe I'll be staying put here.  At least, I hope so.  I like it so very much.

I wore this on Thursday.  I didn't take pictures during the week because I'm getting used to my new schedule.  I'll start doing that soon!  This is an old green sweater that I adore.  It's short sleeved, and I got it off eBay years ago.  It's a bit big on me, so I wore a brown tank top underneath it, with my brown  Lane Bryant pants and my green WalMart flats.

I wore this on Sunday to church.  I learned a very important thing about this dress, and that's that the buttons are slightly too small for the buttonholes, meaning this dress came apart over and over all day.  Insanely glad I am wearing both an extra shirt AND a slip.  That's all I have to say about it, except that I paid $6 for it at Goodwill in Orange City, and the brand name is Emma James, size 18W.  Old Target flip flops which kind of ruined the look of the outfit, but after wearing shoes all week, I missed my flip flops!.

It was a windy day here in Central Florida, per my crazy unkempt hair.  I also jumped on the scarf bandwagon, and bought this pretty blue creation at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Sanford on Saturday.  It was $5.  I figured for five bucks, I could decide if I liked the scarf trend.  Here's my take on it:  1) It's cute, but I need lightweight scarves, not knit.  I was sweaty and irritable after a while in this thing.  2) Longer is better.  3) Watch tutorials on youtube for scarf tying if yours is not an infinity scarf.

I look like a sourpuss, but I'm actually in a good mood.

My miscarriage is still going.  Six weeks of bleeding although it's not horrible anymore, and I'm not even cramping.  But I am beyond over this.  Also, I am still coughing like crazy from my sickness from almost a month ago!  I have spent the entirety of 2015 wearing a pad of some sort and I am ready to be done with this craziness.

Let's play a game of "What Would You Choose?"  The hair issue continues to evade me.  My husband, like most men, loves long hair.  While I do like long hair, I am continuing to be a fan of short hair, although it really depends on the cut.  I found a picture on Pinterest which I love so much, that I keep bringing it up to stare at it.  Last week, I showed you a picture of my "hair goal", but now I think I might have a new one.  So, which one?

Original hair goal.  Long layers, with rose gold highlights.

Or this.  Black pixie, 40s style!

Let me know what you think, and have a great week!  I will try to remember to take pictures during the week.


Jill said...

So glad you're loving your new job! You deserve it. So the scarf....I think you need to wear it longer, not so tight around your neck. I like the black pixie.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I have something that might help with your dress- it is something I have done when I have that problem. I actually sew it closed - most of the way. You basically make a seam in one of the already sewn seams and you will not have to worry about that happening any more. Hopefully this works for you.
So happy that you are enjoying your job!
Lisa :O)