Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jamberry Promo

Hey everyone.  Back in business mode!  Peeps, Jamberry is having some awesome promotions for the month of January, and I thought I would share with my readers, if anyone is interested.

January promos for Jamberry are absolutely unreal. Let me expain. If you book a party with me today for the month of January these can be your rewards!
1. Earn DOUBLE half price items on all parties opened and closed in January that reach $400 in sales. Instead of earning five half price items, Hosts earn ten half price items with $400 in party sales!
2. Parties reaching $500 or more in sales during January will qualify for a purchase of two exclusive Valentine’s Day Gift Sets. Host rewards credit, half price rewards, or discounts may be applied to the purchase.
Plus: if you book a party with me, I will personally just GIVE YOU a half sheet of one of my sets of personal wraps. Just for booking. AND AND AND as I mentioned earlier, 20% of my sales for the entire year of 2015 will be going to feed the hungry in Deltona, FL. I am accepting 9 parties for the month. They are ten day parties on facebook; three can start tomorrow, three can start on January 10th, and three more can start on January 20th. Or, you can do a party in your home, that's up to you! (Not if you live in Michigan. I'm not going there in January. No.)
Here's some of the new wraps that are finally available!

Valentine's Day not your thing?  How about St. Patrick's Day?

How about the 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala?  So classy and kinda sexy!

More interested in some springy, Easter themed nails?  I have that, too.

Jamberry wraps are pretty inexpensive, easy to apply, don't chip, and last up to two weeks on fingers, and six on your toes.  A set of wraps is $15.  And if you buy 3, you get one free.  So basically, with postage, you're in for about $53 for eight manicures and eight pedicures.  That's a DEAL.  And...if you choose to have a party in January with me, I'll send you a half wrap of Jamberries from my personal stock, just for having a facebook party with me!  And...for the yar 2015, I have committed to donating 20% of all my sales to the food pantry at my church, which gives food to the hungry in my community.  I really can't do better than this.  So if you've ever wondered about Jamberry and wanted to give it a try, now is the time.

I'm actually completely booked for the January 20th parties, but I have three parties available to start tomorrow January 1, and three available for January 10th.  Facebook parties last ten days, and I do all the work.  You just get a chance to try free product and help serve hungry people.  Leave a message on this post if you're interested and we can chat privately!


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