Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Cobalt was a big color several years ago.  I've always loved blue, and when I found this dress at Ross two weeks ago, I made the splurge.  ( was over $20, that's a "splurge."  I was looking for work appropriate outfits, and I cannot believe how many people believe that sleeveless is work appropriate.  (Although I have learned at my new place, pretty much anything goes.  But I still get weirded out over bare arms at work, even in Florida.)  Finding this cute elbow length sleeved dress with the "please don't look at my 3 baby tummy" rouching was a total win.

I'd tell you the name of this dress, but I spilled salsa on it, and it's in the wash.  Target necklace, you can't see my earrings, and my shoes from Ross.  

Maybe I should have named this picture "hourglass" instead of the Sunday photos.  Goodness.  Anyway, look at my hair.  It's almost ponytail length again, for pete's sake!

The job is still the same.  I actually texted my recruiter on the way home from work on Monday afternoon telling her that I didn't feel my placement was a good fit.  Now, I've never worked at a temp agency before, but let me tell you this:  their reaction was not what I hoped for.  Basically was told that I signed a contract and I have to stay, or give two weeks notice.  Now, let me say something.  If I happen to get a job offer doing coding and they want me to start tomorrow, I'M GOING.  I like this place, and I like the people.  But ultimately, I'm here looking after my family and home.  I'm not walking away from a golden opportunity for a temp job.  Meanwhile, my daughter is so sick she's begging me to go to the hospital and I feel horrible because we have no insurance.  She's an adult, so she can go without me, but I warned her that she'll get an enormous bill that she will never be able to pay.  And that sucks.  It's not right.  Three adults with three jobs in this house, and no insurance.  I came home and applied for two more jobs, and I'm about to make a cup of tea for my daughter and me, and do some more job hunting.  

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