Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Things Go Wrong At The Right Time

I am still reeling from my job loss.  But for weird reasons.

1)  I do not miss the work.
2)  My house is still not clean?
3)  I wander around aimlessly, not sure of what to do, and seeing so much that needs to be tackled.

My husband, who had grand plans of staying in his truck for a month, re-injured his back.  Back in April, he ended up with a herniated disc.  He was feeling much better after seeing a chiropractor, and had stopped going, even though I kept telling (nagging?) him to go back.  Well, he paid the price.  He bent down in the trailer to pick up a piece of paper and threw his back out all over again.  The poor guy suffered in that truck for five days until he could get home.  It's pretty bad.  He can't move without me helping him.  I mean, I have to lift him out of bed, walk him to the toilet, make all his meals, help him in and out of the shower, I even have to bathe him because he can't bend to wash his legs and feet.  So now, technically, we are both out of work.  At the same time.  Lord, have mercy.

But even so, I can see again how the Lord is blessing us.  Thank God I don't have to split my time between working and taking care of my husband this week.  It's the first business day of the month which is when Medicaid products roll over and have to be re-verified.  Always the busiest day of the month, and there is no way I could have taken off to take him to the chiro.  So I kind of laughed and said, "Thank you, Lord, that I don't have a job so I can take care of my husband!"

We were laying in bed one night and I said, "Don't get mad, but I wish I didn't have to go back to work.  I'm kinda enjoying this."  He held me tight and laughed and said, "I figured you'd say that.  You haven't had more than two weeks off since Bucket was born.  Just enjoy the time you have right now."  Peeps, Bucket is 16!  Can you believe how long I've been working?!?!  So yes, even though I am nervous about money, I am happy that I'm not sitting at that desk.

One evening, as I put him on my back and helped to drag him to the bathroom, he kissed my neck and said, "You win Wife of the Year award for helping me so much."  And I wanted to cry, because I thought, I'm blessed to have HIM.  A guy who was willing to work so hard for our family that he injured himself to the point of not being able to walk without some assistance?  We are just so good together.

Anyway, if you'd please keep my handsome husband in your prayers, I'd so appreciate it.  No outfit posts right now, because I'm in work mode, not dress up mode, although I am wearing my striped gray and white skirt with a pink tank top right now.    


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I will be praying for your husband to have a quick recovery!
Lisa :O)

Southern Girl said...

I look back on the time I was displaced & remember my moods were up one day and down the next. My bff told me to spend the time going thru my pictures and organizing - I tried but it was like I just didn't have the energy. This is such a difficult time b/c now that you have the time - you are afraid to spend the money. Do try to exercise/walk everyday if you can - that helped me (our YMCA had free membership for folks out of work). Praying for you & your family & thank you for sharing (honestly) this journey. (IMO everyone should have to go through it at least once in their life) -Natalie

Jill said...

Hope you are doing well, wondering how things are going!