Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Happy Home

 Happiness fills my soul, peeps.

I *like* not "working."  I *like* having my days to myself, to do what I want, when I want.
I *love* that my house is the cleanest it's ever been (except the kids bathroom, that room just needs a bomb to be thrown in there) and that I have time to cook real meals and bake pumpkin muffins!  I've lost three more pounds since I lost my job, and it's not because I'm's because I'm not reaching for chicken nuggets because I'm too busy to cook!  Last night we had grilled steak and mashed cauliflower with onions and cheese.  I pre-grilled the chicken last night, to have for dinner tonight.

Look at what I had time to make!  Low carb pumpkin bread.  It was needed more stevia, kind of bland.  But a good start for sure.

I know it scares my husband when I say this, but...


Peeps, it has been three weeks and I promise you, I am not bored.  If anything, my mind whirls with opportunity with things I *could* be doing besides sitting at a desk making someone else money.

I could learn how to garden.  This is a tiered garden, which gives more room to grow veggies!

I guess if I'm going to learn to garden, I should learn how to can my veggies, right?

I'd love to learn how to sew.  I have fabric in the house which I've never used.  I see aprons in my future!

I could travel with my husband!  That's his truck, and that's him driving!
I could do my nails!  This is a Jamberry wrap called "Webtastic."Do you like it?  Jamberry has awesome Halloween and autumn themed nail wraps.  This one is definitely a favorite of mine!

The only thing that gives me pause and keeps me job hunting?  Lack of medical insurance.  My hubby is self employed.  I'm a diabetic and our son has some pretty decent intestinal issues.  If it wasn't for that, I don't even think I'd be looking for a job.  I did have a great job interview on Tuesday, pretty sure I got the job although they have not called back yet.  I also still have my coding exam in less than two weeks.  I think my best case scenario would be to find a part time coding position at home with benefits.  That way I could make money, have medical insurance again, but have time to do all the things above that I really want to do!

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