Monday, July 28, 2014


On Saturday, my youngest sister came to visit.  I hadn't seen her in seven years.  Way too long!

Hooray for sisters!  Can you tell I'm the oldest?  (Don't answer that.)

Well, I've got nothing else to report.  Spent my entire weekend hanging out with my sisters, and of course went to church.  Today I worked, tomorrow I will get the idea.

I'm on vacation as of August 6, for an entire week, and very much looking forward to not being on the phone or dealing with health insurance.  I don't have any other time planned for the rest of 2014 except for the usual holidays we get.
School also starts in three weeks, and I could not be happier about it.  While Missy keeps herself fairly busy with her part to full time job (she's close to 30 hours a week) and a new boyfriend (already!) my boys are home, bored, and taking their frustrations out on me.  I've had enough of both of them and looking forward to them going back to school and seeing their friends.  Maybe then they won't be so grouchy!

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