Friday, August 8, 2014

Serving 20 To Life

Last Wednesday, August 6th, was my 20th wedding anniversary.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  How in the world did we make it to 20 years?  I can tell you firmly that it is because Jesus is the center of our marriage.  We're both pig-headed, stubborn, feisty people.  I'm glad I have him, and he's glad to have me, but I won't lie and say we don't struggle sometimes.  Even after nearly a quarter of a century together!

This is us on August 6, 1994.

And here we are, 20 years later!

We had a wonderful, wonderful vacation together.  We hopped over to New Smyrna Beach, only a 30 minute drive from our home, in case the kids needed us.  And yes, we left them home.  Missy is 19 and the other two are very close to adult age.  Plus my mom and my sister popped in to see them so it was fine.  I wish, truly wish we could have stayed longer.  We had two days together.  We slept, watched a movie (Frozen!), had a fantastic steak and lobster dinner, visited a lighthouse, went swimming and boogie boarding, took a romantic moonlit walk on the beach, and just relaxed in each other's company.

The view from our room.  I sat here every morning and drank coffee.  I never got to see sunrise, this is about a half hour after sunrise.  It's stunningly beautiful.

Posing for a picture before we head out to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  I'm wearing an old purple tank top from Goodwill and my favorite Lane Bryant skirt, new pink flops from a seaside shop in NSB, and Target sunglasses.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  I love lighthouses, do you?

He didn't really want me taking his photo too much, but I snuck one in there.

I LOVE this picture.  I look so relaxed and happy!

Wearing my Kiyonna dress and some heels for dinner at the steakhouse.  BTW, what the heck happened to dressing up nicely for finer restaurants?  I know we live in a sloppy society, but really?  Flip flops and ripped shorts at a steakhouse?  Come on, people.  Put some pride in your appearance!

After dinner (there is lobster in that tummy) sunset walk with my guy.

I really do love this man.

What a lovely, romantic two days we had!

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Happy Anniversary! You look great! Glad you were able to get away and have fun! Lisa :O)