Monday, June 2, 2014

Team Pixie All The Way

I went back to my stylist and had even MORE hair cut off.  My poor husband.  He's going to come home and find a bald wife.  I feel amazing in this cut!!!

Still learning how to work on this hair.  The only thing I don't like about it is that my stylist insisted on cutting these teeny tiny bangs up at the front for volume.  OMGeeeee lady I don't need volume.  My hair is big and loud enough without any product.  That's why the bangs are combed over like that, to hide the silly little fringe which will undoubtedly grow back in two weeks or less.

I asked my son to take a picture of the back.  Seriously, how hard could that be?  Definitely need to redo this shot.

Guess you can see it better that way?  Eeeek, loving it!  And my pencil skirt which used to be tight on me, but is now too large.  No wonder, it's a size 20.  Off to the donate pile.

But this new top?!?!  Oh, I am IN LOVE.  First of all, it's a good thick knit like material.  It's a size 1x and made by Jones New York.  If I had a job where I had to leave my house, I would have bought ten of them.  That being said, I still work from home and there is no need for me to dress up to sit in my home office, so I bought one.  It's black with teeny tiny polka dots, and I bought it at Ross back when I bought the boys their new jeans.  I adore the scoop neck, and especially the elbow length sleeves.  Win, win, win.  

I continue low carbing.  I've had a few setbacks, mostly when I am both hungry and tired and didn't have the right stuff in the house.  I plan to go food shopping tonight (Monday) to get more fresh veggies and meats in here.  I am still at a 26 pound weight loss.  I have amended my exercise schedule to 3 days a week of Kettleworx which is kicking my butt.  I can't even get halfway through the dvd before I consider suicide.  I know my body will get used to it, but six weeks "total body transformation" my butt!  I am pretty sure it's going to take me double, if not triple, the recommended time.  I literally cannot keep up and I'm only on week 1.  Still, I prevail!  I do those on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Then I go for my morning walks on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Rest on Sunday.  Oh, want to see what I did last Sunday, after church?

Took the boys swimming with a friend who had an underwater camera.  How cool is this?!?!


Southern Girl said...

LOVE your new haircut! You look wonderful - I haven't checked your blog in a couple of weeks & can't believe how much weight you have lost. Lookin' good girl! -Natalie

Sarah R said...

Well, thanks so much Natalie!