Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Can't Be New Every Week

 My cousin Dee asked if I bought a new outfit for every week.  Nope, although it would be fun, wouldn't it?  Especially with my changing body, I am buying fewer clothes to replace my old 2xs.  I am just hoping to not be in a 1x for too much longer.

My emerald dress which I purchased from Ross in winter 2014, for under $20.  I love the Grecian style bodice, the drape...still not crazy about high-low hem.  I guess I just don't get that concept.

Here I am wearing it in March 2014.  Same shoes, too.  Oh my goodness, the hair is SO MUCH BETTER now than it was back in March.

Actually in pain here.  My husband wanted me to stand by the magnolia tree, and as I was walking through the spongy yard, my left ankle turned and I fell in the grass.  Ever the professional, I took the picture anyway.  Ha!

Friday was the boys' last day of school, so my grocery bill is about to double.  If I hear anyone tell me they're bored on Monday I might have to hurt someone.  My oldest will probably be taking some online classes, like Driver's Ed and PE (I love that they offer personal fitness and  both of them intend to do a trip across the country with their dad.

Speaking of their dad:

We both got haircuts!  His was so long he was able to donate to Locks of Love.  And hard to believe, but we are less than two months away from our 20th anniversary.  Wow!  How did that happen?  We just got married, I swear it.

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The Working Home Keeper said...

You look great, Sarah! Love the hair cut!

Mary Ellen