Sunday, June 15, 2014

7 Day Jamberry Nail Challenge

As you may noticed over the past several years, I mean I have ever have a manicure.  Not because I don't like them.  Oh no, I think they're super.  But as a woman who types 8 hours a day for a living, I gave up.  I can't do acrylics, and manicures chip literally a day or two after I get them done.  To me, it wasn't worth the price and the frustration, so I just did a clear coat to protect my nails from chipping and splitting, and gave up.

Then I was invited to a Jamberry nail party online.

Here's the deal.  $15 for a sheet of nail wraps.  If you buy 3 wraps, you get one free and with shipping you end up spending right about $53.  One set of wraps is supposed to do...I believe...2 manis and 2 pedis.  So that's a good deal, and the manicures last two weeks, the pedicure for four weeks.  As a woman who doesn't particularly enjoy doing my nails, but likes the end results, I was intrigued.  But...will they last?

So I'm taking the 7 day Jamberry Nail Challenge.

Normal nails.  Clean, filed, and my usual length although you can see I managed to break my index nail the other day so it's a bit shorter than the others.  I normally just do a coat of Sally Hansen hardener because I have very soft nails that split and peel very easily.

Confession:  this is not my first set.  I am learning how to do them and so my first set was basically ruined in hours which made me mad as heck because I do not like wasting time.

Second set of nail wraps.  I'm getting better at it.  Aren't they pretty?  This one is called Aloha Flower.

I am not going to lie, I find the process tedious.  This is what you need:  alcohol preps or nail polish remover and cotton balls.  Manicure scissors.  A nail file or emery board.  Tweezers, a hair dryer or small heater.  After that, it's pretty simple.  First, clean your nails with either the alcohol or nail polish remove and let it try.  Then, try to figure out which nail wrap best covers your nail without hitting your skin.  You cut the wrap in half, and heat it while holding it with your tweezers.  Once the wrap is limp, you bond it to your finger and press it down.  Then trim the ends and file it down.  It sounds simple, it is simple, and I'm sure I will get better at it as time goes on.  I did both mani and pedi, and it took me nearly two hours.  Two hours?!!?  Well, let me say that I was constantly getting up for coffee, letting dogs in and out, waking up Bucket for church, that kind of thing.  I imagine if I sat down with no interruptions, I could have at least 30 minutes off that time, and as I get more skilled, even more.  I'll take a picture next Sunday and let you know how they stood up.  


Cheriz Angel said...

I recently bought some of those (different brand though). The first ones were awesome and lasted about a week before they started chipping and peeling. The second one I tried peeled first day.

Sarah R said...

I've already lost the wrap on my right index finger. Not even day 1. Granted, I am still new at application so I don't believe it's a product issues. The rest are doing just fine.

Miss Erica said...

I am an independent distributor for Jamberry, and it took me a little trial and error before I joined. The first set, I made the mistake of applying cuticle oil FIRST then applying my nails! Whoops! After discovering that your fingers should be oil free upon application, I was able to successfully apply my wraps and boy did they last! I fell in love, and began distributing!

If you are interested in some pointers, or have questions for me you can e-mail me through my Jamberry site! I am always here to help.

Erica Oslund