Sunday, June 15, 2014

Retro Curls Are Harder Than They Look

Note to self:  practice doing complicated hair styles on a day no one sees you.  Because then your Sunday pictures look like this:

What in the HECK crawled on top of my head and DIED THERE?

I think you can tell, I have been defeated before I even made it into the car.  First, the hair is bad.  Second, that blue top no longer fits (YAY!) but it rode up all day and drove me nuts, taking away from the gorgeousness that is this Lane Bryant dress.  Purchased back in April for full price of 69.95 I do believe, it is strapless which is why I am wearing a topper over it for church.  Then I couldn't find the shoes I wanted, so I am wearing my beat up gray American Eagle flats.  And I forgot my lipstick.  Ugh.  DONE.

And I already need a trim for my pixie.  I'm telling you, you don't cut your hair and forget about it when you have a pixie.  It takes upkeep, and product, and patience.  I'll be doing a post on my pixie experience soon.

Not much else going on here.  My daughter got another tattoo (she's up to 4) but yet still doesn't have a car.  Priorities? My husband left on a trip to Michigan and took Tiger with him, so really it's just me and Bucket these days.  He's not the talkative type and so it's very quiet around here, except for the dogs.  Yes, I said DOGS.  We decided to be insane and get another one.  It's all good, I actually like the new dog very much, although I think he LOVES me.  He follows me everywhere and cries when I shut the door to the bathroom.  Is he a tiny little thing, scared of his own shadow?  No.

I know this is a dark picture, but this is Ben.  An easily 80 pound dog cowering in bed with me when thunder and lightning struck my street and knocked out electricity for nine hours.  Poor, poor Ben.  Welcome to the family, Scaredy Dog!

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