Sunday, June 22, 2014

Black In The Summer

I always hear about how you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day.  Is there a rule about not wearing black in the summer?  Because I broke it today for sure.

Avenue dress, purchased at Goodwill in April 2014, for $6, size 14/16.  Shell necklace, purchased at the same Goodwill on the same day for $1, then stones added by my mom!  Black stretch espadrilles by Lane Bryant, purchased Friday in Altamonte Springs, FL, for $12.50!

Blinded by the sun standing here, so moved back into my neighbor's yard.

You can actually see the humidity building in these pictures!

Why am I standing outside when it's 95 degrees with 85% humidity?  Why do I live here?

Clean off lens, try another shot.  

My daughter calls my hair "the woolly mammoth."  It's already time for another trim.  Good grief my hair grows so fast!

THESE SHOES.  Oh my word, I love them.  These are a size 9W, and I probably could have worn an 8 but they didn't have any left in that size.  I love the stretch fabric and they were insanely comfortable.  I did end up with a blister on my right foot, but I'm sure I'll get used to these shoes.  I want to go back and buy every single pair!  And by the way, the cute nail art is Jamberry!  I'll be doing my review on that later today.

Nothing else to report there.  I worked all week, applied for another job at the hospital which I'm sure will not work out, and had lunch with my mom today.  My husband is home and we are rearranging our bedroom, so it's time for me to jet!

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Kelly said...

I wear white after labor day and black all the time. I was just going to ask if it was really humid there...holy smokes! Although we had 95% humidity and 83 yesterday.

You live there so you can go to the beach, which is so much nicer than not having a here lol.

I ask myself all the time why I live here. Probably because I was born here (have only lived in this county my entire life), and my family and Doug's family is here, and his job is here. Lately I've been dreaming about moving south...somewhere warm and dry with no snow and much less rain! We had an awful winter, and now we are having a very, very, very wet summer. Blah!