Monday, June 30, 2014

Due Date

I took these pictures on Sunday, June 29th.  My due date from my little one who died in December.  I guess you can tell I'm sad.

I wonder if December was a boy or a girl.  I was thinking boy, because I never had any nausea last time.  I was never sick with Tiger or Bucket, only Missy.  

I also got another hair trim.  Loving my stylist, it's like we get each other.  She promised no more fluffy bangs, and I promised to get pink highlights in August.  Yes, really!

So yes, I was sad but I still got up, got dressed, went to church, served, came home, and then my sister insisted on taking me to the beach so I could stop thinking about baby December up in Heaven.  As far as outfit details, you've seen this dress before.  Ross dress, which I call the Peacock Dress.  Purchased for Easter last year, it's now too big so I stuck this top over it.  I bought this at Goodwill in either April or May for $3.  It's very cute but still a bit small on me, but for that color I decided to get it anyway.  

Yay for fresh hair and a smaller waistline.  I can definitely tell by looking at these photos!

Remember when I said we had a home improvement project scheduled for the first week of July?  We're not doing it yet.  We decided that after so much loss in the past two years, we're going away for our anniversary instead.  Only for two nights, but I think we need some time to reconnect and just be husband and wife alone, instead of Mom and Dad with three teenagers, two dogs, two cats, a house and two careers.

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

<> to you. You are really doing well on your weight loss- it sure shows.
Lisa :O)