Friday, July 11, 2014

Disappearing Act

Still here!  I spent last weekend sick enough that I didn't make it to church.  Sick, in July?  Yes, I like being weird.  I had a fever and spent two days of my three day weekend pretty much sleeping.  And Bucket turned 16 on July 5th.  My youngest.  Is sixteen.  Woah.

No full outfit photos, but I am learning how to take selfies on my cell phone.  My daughter taught me.  It's so fun being old.

Been wearing a lot of black lately, even in the summer.  The pookah shell necklace I found at Goodwill for $1.  It was way too little, probably a child's size.  My mom added the oval beads to make it longer for me.  And of course, buckled up in my first!

Here I am with a fresh hair cut, for a job interview.  Wearing black again, but chose a blue cami and my ocean necklace for some color up by my face.  This is only two days after I was sick so I needed something to perk up my complexion.  And no, I don't know if I got the job.  I try not to stress about it.

Even though it was Bucket's birthday, he refused to get in any pictures, so Tiger and Missy posed for me instead.

This is Caesar.  Yes, another cat.  My daughter rescued it.  And then our new dog attempted to kill it.  

Two surgeries and almost $700 later, Caesar is healing, and Ben is leaving.  I simply can't have a dog that attacks smaller creatures.  I feel terrible about it.  When we got Ben, we were told he liked both kids and cats.  That was not correct.  Ben LOVES me.  Tolerates Missy.  Growls at both of my boys and is a cat killer.  My kids can't have friends over anymore because Ben growls and won't calm down, and the idea of having any friends over who have little ones is just unheard of.  I couldn't risk it.  And when I realized that I was having to change my life in order to accommodate a dog, we decided we had to give him back.  Luckily, the previous owner is taking him back, and I have to drive an hour to meet the guy tomorrow.  In some ways I will miss Ben.  He was very dedicated to me.  Loved snuggling, and followed me everywhere.  But I live in a house with four other people, and three of them were terrified of this dog.  And it's not fair to my kids, and it wasn't fair to Ben.  He deserves to be in a house without kids, if he's not a kid dog. Suffice it to say, Mr. R and I are adamant that after this, there will be no more pets.  At least not any dogs.  I have been actively job hunting and would like to take a job without worrying about who is taking care of the dogs.  At least cats can stay in a house all day and be content.

I'll try to be more careful about posting, but I don't tend to care about posting when I don't feel well.  I should be back in action next week!


Jill said...

Missed you! Sorry you were sick, hope you're on the mend. By the way....your face looks slimmer--(more narrow? Idk. You look great!

Sarah R said...

I feel much better, than you so much! And thank you. Yes I can tell my face is slimmer too. The hair cut does help! I haven't lost much more weight because I fell off the low carb wagon there for a while. I need to go grocery shopping and get myself back!