Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Four Day Birthday Weekend Part 3

After church on Sunday, we came home and had lunch.  It was an amazingly gorgeous day.  About 80 degrees, sunshine, no rain, a slight breeze.  I couldn't stand being in the house.  But I didn't want to mow the yard.  What could we do?

We packed up the car and drove to DeLeon Springs State Park, and went fishing and swimming!  My daughter had other plans, so it was just me, my boys, and two of their friends.

My son and his friend, fishing.

Tiger was so happy to be out during regular guy things.  Ever since his surgery, he has been stuck in the house.  This was a big day!

Who cares if they catch anything?

This VIEW.  I didn't edit or alter it at all!  How beautiful!

Not the best selfie, but again...I am having a GREAT birthday weekend!

Four teenage guys NOT in front of a TV.  How awesome!

And that, friends, was the end of my four day birthday weekend.  I could not be more blessed.  It was not about presents, it was not about cake.  It was about relaxing and being with family and friends!

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