Monday, May 19, 2014

The Four Day Birthday Weekend Part 2

Ok, let's recap.  I spent the day at Daytona Beach on Friday, May 16th.  I came home, took a shower, tried to take a nap and couldn't.  Then I got dressed to go to my sister in law's 40th birthday party. She is a hard rocker, hard drinker, but very sweet lady.  Going to bars and nightclubs is so not my thing, but I did it for her.  I stayed for almost two hours, and could have used a nebulizer when I was done.  Ugh, I hate cigarette smoke!

Wore purple for lupus awareness.  Then wore jeans which are now too big but I knew I'd only be sitting so it was fine.  My awesome leopard flats from Target.  And I tried to curl my pixie like I'd seen on, but didn't have the right products so it kind of flopped.

I think I might go back to my stylist and ask her to reshape the back a bit more.  It's a bit bushier than I want.  But at least I'm not crying anymore.

Happy 40th to Sissy, and happy 39th to me!

On Saturday, Missy went to work and I took the boys shoe and jeans shopping.  Shoes for boys are no joke.  They don't own many pairs, but what they do own costs a fortune.  And both of them wear a size 13!  I know they certainly didn't get their monster feet from me.  I also got a few tops for me. and cleaned my desk in preparation for going back to work on Monday.  Then, Sunday was church.

Love, love, love this new Lane Bryant dress I bought just a week ago while shopping with my friend Emily.  It's a size 14/16, and could really use a snap for the bust line because it came open a few times.  I love the color, the pattern, and the interesting neckline and (would it be called a backline?)  I had to wear my strapless bra so that you can't see straps near the intricate pattern.  And of course, my trusty Aerosoles flip flops.

How awesome is the detail on this dress?!?!?  I spent $45 on this dress.  It was $90 but I got there on a half off day.  Phew...I like this dress but $90 is hard to swallow, for sure.

My Sunday isn't over yet.  Stay tuned for my Sunday afternoon in part 3!


Kelly said...

What an awesome dress! And you're hair! And you look amazing.

I can't believe they are still allowed to smoke in bars/clubs in FL. In OH and PA no smoking anywhere indoors, which makes going out dancing SO MUCH NICER! It's been 5 or 6 years since they've passed that law, and I love it.

Cheriz Angel said...

First of all love the dress. Second, they allow people to smoke in bars there?! We have a 25 foot smoking rule from any door or window.

Sarah R said...

I wish they would ban it! I would go to so many more concerts if they would get rid of the smoking. I even had to wash my sheets and pillow the next day because it stank (I fell asleep and didn't shower after my bar trip.)