Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Four Day Birthday Weekend Part 1

My 39th birthday was last Thursday, May 15th!  I simply adore birthdays, and had requested a four day weekend last year in order to make sure I got it.  I had no idea when I requested it last year that I would have an ectopic pregnancy and my son would have two surgeries before my special time came.  So believe you me that I really craved this time off to simply enjoy my life, and not worry about healing or helping to heal.  It!

On Thursday, I had planned to go to the beach, but the weather said otherwise.  At one point, we were under a tornado warning!  Scary stuff but all we got was a ton of rain (needed) and thunder and lightning (used to it.)  I had a leisurely breakfast, did laundry, and went and got a hair cut.  Oh yes I did.

Hi there, I am a new member of the Pixie Brigade.

I can tell you that after I got it done, I cried.  I HATED it the first day.  This is the second day, Friday May 16th when I finally made it to the beach.  Still not sure but it's not like I can glue the hair back to my head.  It's funny, when you're at the ocean, you suddenly do not care about your hair.  It's just you, the waves, the amazing smells of sunblock and salt water.  I relaxed.  Read my Bible.  Drank tons of water.  Ate a chili dog (shut up it's my birthday.)  I spent about four hours at the beach just chilling.  I did get in the water but the undertow was pretty serious.  Plus, it was not hot.  For some reason we had just gone through a cold front (whaaaaa?  In May?) and so it was only about 70 degrees, which is about 15-20 degrees cooler than usual for this time of year.  So when I got in the water, I came out shivering and had to wrap myself in a towel.
About to drive over the last bridge and then I'll be at the beach!

Oh, beach.  I love you.

Blue chair and new leopard flip flops (bought at Target on Thursday for $5!)

Still unsure about that hair cut.

But who cares?!?  I'm in Daytona Beach!

Oh, Publix.  I love you and your BOGO deals.  I love watermelon.

Happy feet.

Was reading in Hebrews, and you can see by my leg, I was chilly.  Hello, goosebumps!

I was going to do all one post but I have lots of pictures to share and my son is whining about wanting to get on the laptop.  Hopefully I will have time to post more Monday night for you.  Have a blessed Monday!


Jill said...

Happy bday to you! I can't stand those hard to haul myself out of them! Can't wait to read more.

Sarah R said...

It's not my favorite chair either, but Poe the puppy ate a hole in my favorite one. Grrrr...

Kelly said...

What a great birthday you had!

I love your hair. But it grows so quickly that it will be long again soon lol.

Your beach pictures just make me feel so calm. I love the beach. I wish I lived near the beach. We're going on vacation in November, to several beaches, and I just cannot wait!

Cheriz Angel said...

Happy birthday!

Sarah R said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!