Thursday, April 17, 2014


We are home from the hospital.  The surgery went well, we were home even faster than I thought we would be.  As you can see, he is resting as comfortably as one can, when a 50lb puppy insists on sleeping right next to you.

"It's ok, Daddy.  I won't step on your incision...WHOOPS."

When I say it has been a long couple of weeks, I kid you not.  I also fired our dentist today for rescheduling my kids for the millionth time.  I took tomorrow off JUST to take them to the dentist and they called me to today to reschedule them, and I said, "You know what, you called ME to give them this appointment months ago.  And now you are giving me one day to reschedule, and you called me last time to reschedule and I've had enough of you.  I will be finding a new dentist."  Then I hung up.  How do places like this stay open?!?!

I have to remember the Word when the world drives me crazy.  I say it all the time, then get overwhelmed and frantic.  I guess I don't learn very quickly.

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Cheriz Angel said...

I can't stand doctors and dentists that are like that! Wishing you the best of luck, hopefully things will get back to some degree of normalcy soon.