Friday, April 18, 2014

"Mom, You Need Autism To Understand This..."

While Tiger slept most of yesterday away, I spent the entire day cleaning and scrubbing the boys room.  It was horrifying; it definitely smelled of sickness and dear goodness me the clothes I found.  I started washing clothes at 8:30am on Thursday...and I am still going.  Sure wish it wasn't raining so I could use my clothesline and speed this process up, but oh well.

Bucket was at school, so I hung up the clothes which had fallen off hangers inside the closet (Bucket uses the closet, Tiger uses an armoire, keeps their stuff separate and easier to manage) and put away his jeans and pajamas.

Then all hell broke lose.

Apparently, he had a "system."  I never knew it, but apparently he faced certain shirts one way, and all of his favorite shirts were on black hangers.  I hung up UNFAVORITE shirts on black hangers and he let me know about it.  "Mom!  You can't understand this!  It's too complicated!"  I already knew he color coded his shirts and at least I got that right.  I asked him about shirts with patterns, and he sighed and said "That very question haunts me,"  and at that point I got the giggles and he got pretty mad.  What can I say, he cracks me up!

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