Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Surgery Again

I am not back to regular posting; not sure I ever will.  But I said I would pop on for major events, and today is one of them.  My son, Tiger, is having his fourth surgery in less than two years for abdominal issues.  Watching my son hurting is one of the worst things I have ever been through in my life.

Last night, I laid in bed and prayed for all of my children to remember their relationship with Jesus.  My husband seems much more laid back about this, saying teenagers rebel and that this is not a reflection on our parenting.  But watching them suffer makes ME suffer.  I wish sometimes that we could go back to simpler days when they believed what I told them, and trusted me.  I hear it gets better, when children reach their early 20s and realize their parents had their back all those years. I have hope.

My husband also injured his back at work.  He now has a herniated disc, which, praise the Lord, is healing up nicely with the help of a chiropractor.  He wanted to avoid back surgery, and I agree with him.  He is already back to work, but on light duty.  That basically means he drives the truck, but doesn't unload anymore (he injured his back while unloading.)

Oh and my weight loss continues.  23 pounds in 3 months which makes me quite happy.  Yes, it has slowed down but that is normal and I continue to work on my new lifestyle.  I did have one cheat day with Tiger, where I managed to consume an entire double cheeseburger with fries and a Coke. I'm not gonna lie, it was delicious.  But it honestly wasn't as great as I remembered it, and I went right back to low-carbing afterwards.

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

So sorry your son is going to have to have surgery again. I will be praying for him. Glad to hear that your husband is healing from is injury.
I am so happy for you about your weight loss. That is amazing. I am SO hoping that once this chemo is over that I am able to lose some weight. I have been lucky and have only gained 4-5 pounds since my hysterectomy and chemo. But I should be able to lose that and hopefully more... soon.
Lisa :O)