Sunday, May 5, 2013

"You Look Like A Greek Goddess."

Out of all the compliments I've ever heard, that is a new one.  I've heard:  "That's very flattering on you" or "What a great color" or "When are you due?"  But a Greek goddess?  Sure, why not.  I giggled because do you know where I heard it? At church.  From a Sunday school teacher.  I find that ironically amusing.

I felt very cute today, but none of the pictures came out great.  Oh, that gut.

Avenue dress, purchased with my birthday discount in May 2012.  Belt is from an eBay skirt I just purchased this month.  Trotters shoes, probably 2007.  Most expensive shoes I've ever purchased, they were $90 and my husband about had a heart attack.

Wound on my foot FINALLY healed, although it's clear now that it will be another scar for me to add to my collection.  The nail color is "candy corn" by Cover Girl and even though it's supposed to be for Halloween, I declare it "orange creamsicle" and wear it now.  So nyah.

We are supposed to wear orange the first Sunday of every month.  I'm just out of orange clothes.  I don't want to purchase more clothing because if I don't get pregnant, I'd rather drop some pounds.  So I decided to concentrate on accessories to dress up the clothing I already have.  That's why I picked up this orange flower clip at Walmart yesterday.  Plus I have my orange Costa Rica earrings and my orange pedi.  It will have to do.

Pepper the kitty taking time to give me some loving.

Time to go work with some kiddos!

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