Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Love Thrifting!

There is only one thrift store in my area, and to my delight, they had to open a larger store.  I love going there.  I get lots of books there, and when my children were small, most of their clothes.  I also shop for me.  Sometimes, the plus size pickings are slim (how ironic!) but the last time I went, I hit the jackpot with this gorgeous top.  I love the gorgeous cobalt color, I love the intricate white design, I love the neckline, and the comfy 3/4 sleeves.  Total win, and for under $4!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have much that goes with it.  I decided, "whatever" and went with my old purple maxi dress from Target, purchased in 2011 for $6.88.  The top was $3.49.  If you don't count my underwear, bra or earrings, this entire outfit is under $11.  How amazing is that.   

Peeps; I am not trying to over think this, but look at my hair.  It's GREASY.  Do you all remember one of my first pregnancy symptoms?  Uh yes it's greasy hair.  I didn't even realize it until I took the picture and Missy said, "Mom, your hair looks like crap.  When did you wash it last?"  And it was Tuesday night, so it's only been two days.  I only wash my hair twice a week since it's normally so coarse and dry. 

Oh, Nutmeg.  You're so silly.

Scheduled for period to start around March 21st.  Way too early to test but between my exhaustion (which could be due to work...I'm at 38 hours on Thursday night so almost all over tomorrow is busy!) and this hair?  Mr. R and I only managed to get one session in while he was home during my ovulation.   Not bragging but honestly it was great.  We hadn't seen in each other in a while so I'm sure that helped.  Plus, I stuck towels under my hips after we were done so I could help some swimmers get to the deep end of the pool, so to speak.   Not only that, but I got caught eating mashed potatoes tonight, and immediately followed with watermelon.  That's just gross.  I'm not even sure why but I sure wanted some watermelon today and it was BOGO at Publix.

Oh, just look at Nutmeg.  You know that's what you came for.


Jill said...

How do you remember what each piece cost?

Sarah R said...

I usually just remember the best deals! For the blouse I just thrifted, all ladies's blouses are $3.49 at my local Goodwill. And for the Target dress, I bought two when they were 70% off and it was such a good score it stuck in my head. Now when I go to Target, I'm always thinking, "Can I get this under $6.88?" Most of the time, though, I think, I'm pretty sure that was under $20. Plus I'm pretty cheap and won't spend $100 on an item of clothing. The only thing I can see spending that kind of money on is a coat and since it's so hot in Florida, there's not much point in that.