Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Pox On Your Kingdom

I was feeling cute and quite sassy until I realized I stepped into someone's freshly chewed wad of gum at Publix.  Publix is one of those grocery stores where there is a garbage can on every corner, dirt doesn't exist, everything is fresh, people smile non stop, and butterflies poop rainbows.  Gum on the ground reminds me of WalMart, not Publix.  Boo to you, fellow shopper.  A pox on your kingdom.

I accidentally set my clock forward TWO HOURS instead of just one.  Can you tell?

What I thought was a "messy updo" was in fact just a mess.

My poor, poor Target flats, covered in nasty pink bubblegum.  Don't worry...Mama will wash you on the next load. 

My black Target dress with the built in girdle.  I got misty eyed wearing it this morning, as the last time I wore it, I was pregnant. 

Then I got misty eyed again when I saw my caboose.  OH MY WORD.  My butt is out of control here, people!

New necklace from Avenue!  This baby set me back $18.  It cost more than the shirt I bought.  I LOVE IT.  Got compliments from everyone from church to Publix.  Yeah for interesting jewelry!
Well, it's Sunday.  In my house, that means church, laundry, and naps.  Amen.

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