Sunday, March 3, 2013

Go Away Wilma!!!

I read lots of fashion blogs and am generally a bit envious of those who live in colder weather states than myself.  I love boots, sweaters, coats, cardigans, scarves and hats.  When I got up this morning, it was 34 degrees, and I thought to myself...this is my only chance to try wearing my scarf and not look ridiculous.  And you know what?  I like it!

Sleeveless black Avenue dress, purchased May 2012 with my Avenue birthday discount, so under $25.  Black Avenue boots, purchased in July 2010 for $20.  Green Target cardi, bought in January 2013 for $25-ish (can't remember.)  Floral scarf, purchased at Target years ago, but I never quite knew what to do with it...$7 if I remember correctly.  Firewood behind me, courtesy of strong husband with an ax.

I have really large, thick, muscular calves.  My Avenue boots fit great.  I should have bought them in brown when I had the chance.

Plus, today was the first Sunday of the month, so I was supposed to wear orange.  This scarf had some in orange in yet, so it worked out well.

Whoa.  Those are some beefy thighs.  And as usual, hair thrown up in a bun because it's driving me crazy.  I'm also planning on coloring it today, as the gray is annoying me.

Cute outfit.  Would wear it again!  Maybe this scarf thing isn't as hard as I thought!

Like many teenagers, my stress shows up on my face in the form of pimples.  I usually get them on my chin or jaw line, but this time, I got a whopper on my cheek that is so large, Missy decided to name it.  Hello, Wilma.  Please go away.

Wilma, you bloated creature.  Go away.  

You know your skin is bad when a kindergartener says, "Miss Sarah, we learned about leprosy today!  Is that what's on your face?"  *facepalm*

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