Sunday, January 27, 2013

They Let Me In

Today was a fun day at church.  I went to work in children's ministry, then went to church.  Tiger is still home recuperating from his surgery, and Missy has a nasty sinus infection.  I brought Bucket to the convenience store after church to get him a soda since he was especially well behaved in church today, brought him home, then ran back to church to the leadership meeting.

I go to a very welcoming, open-armed type church.  But see, I don't see myself as a leader.  I work in ministry as a kid's helper, which many people see as leadership.  So when our actual leader of our kids ministry wasn't able to attend the meeting today, I had to go in his place.  Eeeeeep!  Uh, ok.  I crept in, trying to be discreet, but the pastor called me out and said, "Sarah's here! Hi Sarah, don't be shy, join us!"  (do they know me or what, they know I'm shy.)  Then he introduced me to everyone in the room, "This is Sarah, she's the wife of one my fishing buddies, so be nice to her!"  I had to smile...that was a great intro and soon I was diving into the delicious lunch (bbq chicken sandwiches, salad, mac and cheese, baked beans and I skipped the cake but it sure looked delicious!)  I sat with my friend Emily (she also teaches in kids ministry) and we planned out most of the activities for 2013.  I know I say this over and over, but I love, love, love my church!

Missy came outside to take my pictures even though she was sick.  I seem to have fallen into a bit of a rut with my clothes again; wear a dress, throw a top over it, wear earrings and brush your hair.  It's not bad, it's not wrong, I'm just bleah kind of bored with it.  But I look  nice enough that I receive compliments almost everywhere I go, and I appreciate it.  Wanna see?

Black and white Target maxi dress.  Just thrifted this Basic Edition top at Goodwill yesterday for $4.  It's a size 1x, I love the little button detailing around the neck.  I like this style of shirt so much that I'd buy this top in every color it was made in.  Things I like about this shirt: 1) the length 2) the v-neck 3) the sleeve length 4) the detail around the neck. 

Perfectly covered for church services.

I had on a blue dress this morning and changed my mind, so I'm wearing blue eye make up.  Then I didn't change my make up...oh well, no one said anything.

Oh yes, wearing my old black Target flats as well, and my red In Pink earrings.

This would probably be my favorite photo if not for the awful bunchy neck issue.  Oh well...I still had a great day!

Now I'm going to watch a bit of TV and I plan to put all the dvds back in their proper cases today and clean up my desk for regular week of work.  Well, almost regular.  I have half a day on Thursday...I finally managed to get...shhhh...a JOB INTERVIEW!!!  At my own hospital, for coding!  It only took two my my.

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